Enterprise Security

Enterprise Enhancement

  • Develop cybersecurity operational improvements for resource planning
  • Define cybersecurity roadmap initiatives
  • Manage development and implementation of enterprise cybersecurity services

Security Lifecycle Management

  • Integrate cybersecurity requirements into the agency’s acquisition process
  • Assess cybersecurity compliance at defined development lifecycle checkpoints
  • Ensure systems are cybersecurity compliant prior to operations

Architecture Review

  • Develop system cybersecurity architecture guidance
  • Assess new system architectures for cybersecurity policy compliance
  • Assess system modification architectures for cybersecurity policy compliance
  • Ensure operational and security priorities are properly aligned

Security Engineering

  • Establish engineering guidelines for system security control implementation
  • Develop, publish, and enforce agency cybersecurity requirements
  • Development and integrate system remediation actions to resolve security vulnerabilities
  • Ensure effective integration of defined cybersecurity requirements into system-level and enterprise-level development activities
  • Securely integrate service providers into the operating infrastructure

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