Network & System Monitoring

  • Monitor system events for indication of unauthorized user/service activities
  • Monitor networking events and data flows for anomalous data traffic
  • Monitor alerts from agency’s cybersecurity sensors
  • Monitor cybersecurity Intel for applicable threat information

Modeling & Analysis

  • Analyze system cyber event information to identify events that require response actions
  • Baseline network data flows to establish alerting thresholds
  • Perform cyber event trend analysis
  • Assess all cyber events/alerts/incidents generated from monitoring sources for potential impact

Event Response

  • Establish cyber event response Courses of Action
  • Coordinate event responses with operational organizations
  • Support upward and outward situational awareness across agency organizations and external agencies
  • Track cyber event response/remediation activities through closure

SysNet employs our SysCIP®, (SysNet Technologies Critical Infrastructure Protection) methodology, which is unique in the federal Information System Security (ISS) services industry. »READ MORE