Anantha Srinivasan, Risk Assessment Manager

Anantha Srinivasan, Risk Assessment Manager

Ms. Srinivasan has over 29 years of professional experience which includes more than 21 years of relevant experience in Information System Security (ISS) Assurance activities, all utilizing her multiple graduate degrees and ISS certifications. She currently performs a range of federal systems cybersecurity services including leadership functions of our Independent Risk Assessment Team. Specific related experience includes applying Federal, DOT and FAA policies and guidance in supporting the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) ISS initiatives. Her activities include applying knowledge of ATO ISS requirements; National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) risk management framework; NIST 800-53 requirements and guidelines to support and mature the ATO system security authorization, assessment, and reporting processes. She has extensive knowledge and experience in vulnerability and compliance testing, test data analysis, and risk assessment activities.

Ms. Srinivasan also has extensive knowledge and experience in ISS compliance audits, policy, education/awareness, FAA AMS process, NAS Enterprise Architecture, Requirements engineering, FAA NCP and Enterprise Configuration Management within the ATO environment. She is currently supporting the FAA ATO ISS Program, providing support including the following:

  • ATO NAS and Non-NAS ISS Scan Testing and security audit activities
  • NAS and Non-NAS Risk Assessment activities

Ms. Srinivasan also provides extensive cybersecurity services updates to keep our team and customers current in the latest FAA, overall federal, and industry regulations, processes, and procedures. She regularly trains and orients new staff members and other SysNet and customer personnel who expand to additional areas of cybersecurity services. This extends our team consistency in applying the latest methodologies for systems security, in compliance with our SysCIP® copyrighted SysNet Critical Infrastructure Protection methodology. Among her achievements, Ms. Srinivasan throughout her career including very recently, has received customer recognition for “superior” performance accolades including the following example: “Outstanding support to the FAA’s Operational Site Assessments.”

Therefore, it is with pride that SysNet engages Ms. Srinivasan’s for mutual (personal, customer, and corporate) benefits. Her leadership augments this mutual success.