Richard Bodson, President & CEO

Richard Bodson, President & CEO

Dick Bodson assumed overall leadership of SysNet Technologies in 2017. He is responsible for Company performance supporting our federal customers. He brings four decades of federal IT services contracting leadership to SysNet, ranging from small to large businesses, all with successful customer support evidenced by customer ratings and company resultant growth.

Dick’s SysNet goals are as follows:

1. Always focus on the highest customer satisfaction by bringing excellent expertise and talented personnel, experienced and trained in the latest technologies and SysCIP®

2. Preserve and enhance the superb corporate culture established by the four founders

3. Expand the Company’s ISS/cybersecurity services to more federal agencies, bringing the best solutions to the U.S. federal agencies and public

4. Provide career opportunities to the employees and all staff through enhanced and varied ISS roles, extending the long-term commitments of our people

5. Be a highly desired teammate to proficient and trusted related businesses

The end-result of the above goals, as articulated by Dick Bodson, in line with all leaders and staff, is to extend SysNet’s federal contracting cybersecurity and overall IT services presence, providing optimal service to the United States government.

CEO Comment: The founders of SysNet Technologies, Tim Irvin, John Kleinhans, Tom Schubert, and Will Poe are brilliant technologists. I knew of their reputation when I took over the company in April 2017. Now that I have the privilege of working with them and all SysNet staff members and teammates, it is clear that the excellent ISS knowledge and altruism of everyone is a direct result of the cultural foundation established by the founders. This corporate culture started by the founders is reflected in the excellent work quality and attitude of our people in fulfilling the SysNet federal government support mission. Dr. Kevin McGuire, former Naval Surface Warfare Center CIO, joined us in late 2017 and as another senior leader, he exemplifies this culture of excellence. I am privileged to work with everyone and will keep my commitment to preserving our culture of proficiency and dedication to national security.